Life came in between

I still remember when I created this page, I wanted to be totally immersed here. This was my safe haven away from the troubles of work and life. Then, the pandemic happened, and my life turned upside down. Everything changed in a span of a finger. My life wasn’t the same as before. I had my family and my sisters look after. I had my worklife to manage. I changed jobs, moving out of my comfort zone to something I didn’t like doing.

In 2021, life changed for me again. I got a job somewhere away from home. I was juggling between family and work. Finally, I chose my family. In December 2021, I got another job. It looked promising. It was really something new for me. I gave it a chance and worked. Over the months, the job started becoming very challenging and hectic. I started losing my creative touch, and that was frustrating. I finally gave up on the job in December 2022. I was happy.

I finally got back my life, but sadly lost my father. It was one of the most painful times ever. I’m trying to get a bit better day by day. Well, my creative touch came back, and I got back to writing. I’ll be updating this page soon with new stories and finally finishing off with Hailey’s Journey.

Much love to everyone ❤️


The Sound of Waves

Alone with her thoughts, all she could think of was her sister.

How she would react to the news, what would be her suggestions and what would be her advice to face the change that is going to happen.

Her sister was the best in everything and the sunset and waves told her so.

Through the waves, they connected and the sisters met. The sound of the waves was the voice of the sister who has gone but was always there.

The sound of the waves were the sister embracing her every worry and fear.
The sound of the waves were the way she felt near her sister.

Mysteriously Yours (Part 6)

Still thinking about the mysterious envelope that she just discovered, Hailey tried her best to connect the dots. These dots were like a jigsaw puzzle about St. Agnes, as it would solve so many unanswered questions. She was ‘entitled’ to know the truth even if it was hidden from her; that lost/missing person was her grandpa. A person she has adored since the day she was born.

The day rose on a cold and rainy St. Agnes, where no one was at peace. The rain caused a roof to collapse and make all most of the residents shift to another room. The handyman Steve started working on the roof as soon as it stopped raining. Steve was a weird man; not that tall or handsome of a man he was he appeared to be hating everyone at St Agnes. “Curse ya!”said a pissed Steve. Well, his disgust was so apparent when Sister Margaret asked him to repair the broken windows in the dining hall. “Hailey, can you please accompany Steve to the dining hall and show him what he needs to do?” requested Sister Margaret. “Eh, sister! I know this place better than this new chick her’e, “yelled Steve!
“You could pass me on some handyman tips,” she said amusingly to Steve! He seemed happy to have me by his side. Normally, sisters do not talk to any men, but Hailey is an exception as she is still in her probationary phase.

Reaching the dining hall, the silence was eerily creepy. Hailey felt a chill. *shudders* “Here is the crime scene,” Hailey announced. “Oh please, that’s no crime scene, that’s just where the old maa…” Steve fell silent after.
“What? What did you just said Mr Steve?”, Hailey quickly questioned. “Nothing, nothing, you know I might be phasing out, I’m normally drunk by this time all the season! You shouldn’t take me seriously, my lil girl.” Moving towards the broken windows, Steve looked out for something afar, Hailey was trying her best to see it too, but her view was blocked by the huge tree. Anyways, Hailey had more important things to take care of. Mother Fredericka would be back soon, and she was to know the truth about this lady before she does something worse.

Hailey headed back to Sister Margaret’s room, where she must report every 4 hours a day. “Sister Margaret, can I please have my day off, I’m not so well, and I don’t want to trouble you or others with my problem”, she requested. Just a nod of approval from her, Sister Margaret was changing. Her behaviour was questionable, but no one dared to raise their voice.

Lest that Hailey knew Sister Margaret had a dark secret that would turn everything at St Agnes upside down. A dark secret that will destroy not one but many lives.

Stay tuned for Part 7!

The After You

You were a pain that had to happen and my self love was the cure that I longed for

You were the route that led me to knowing that I can love myself more than anything in this world

You were the reason for my heartbreak and yet you became the reason why I had to mend it

You were just like a season which had to go when it is over

You were the stillness in my exhilarating life

Well, now you are nothing and this is Happiness!

Mysteriously Yours (Part 5)

As Hailey stood near the matron’s office to hear everything, Sister Margaret came to her and told her that she was needed to sign some papers. “Damn, if I move from here I won’t be able to hear what they are talking about and I will lose the chance to prove that Mother Fredericka is the real culprit,” thought Hailey. Even so, she moves and goes to Sister Margaret. As she moves from there, she could hear Detective Paulson reciting her rights to Mother Fredericka. “What! She’s being arrested? But I haven’t had the chance to confront her yet,” said Hailey clutching her hand behind her back. She took some steps back and then ran from there directly to Sister Margaret.

The almost mid 40’s Sister Margaret was so busy rummaging through some papers on her table that she barely noticed Hailey’s abrupt entrance. The mess was so obvious that Hailey just coughed instead of calling out her name. Hailey’s presence surprised Sister Margaret as she was obviously disturbed as it was visible on her face. “You called me to sign some papers, Sister,” clarified Hailey before she gets cross-questioned. With a quick movement of her right arm, Sister Margaret grabbed a file and handed it to Hailey who was standing on her left. “My Child, sign those papers and hand it over to me in the evening”, said the hefty woman. As Hailey was leaving the office, something that was supposed to be none of her concern, caught her attention. An envelope with her dad’s name on it. At the back were the initials M.R., Hailey’s grandpa! “It’s true he was here,” she whispered. A teary-eyed Hailey made her way to her room and started rummaging through her suitcase. She finally got hold of the file and loudly thumped that damned file on the table. The file, her file she has been keeping safe all these years. A file no one knew not even her best friend.

Cleaning her face,she hurriedly signed the papers that Sister Margaret gave her. As she rushed out through the corridor, she came face to face with the patient who was recently shifted to St Agnes. “Oh dear, why are you out of your bed at this hour?,”she asked softly. Her heart was racing but she tried her best to bring it up, that patient was weird but that’s how it is at St Agnes, you just got to adjust with people coming abruptly in front of you.

Escorting the patient to his room, Hailey tried her best to hide her emotions. She knew that she’s close to learning the truth. The truth about her grandfather, the truth that has destroyed peace in her family, the truth that will change every decision her parents took.

Stay tune for Part 6!

Mysteriously Yours  (Part4)

Just as the sun was rising, Hailey grabbed the file and placed it back in the suitcase. She knew this start of this new day is going to be different from what has always been happening at St Agnes Home for Awesome  People.  All dressed up, Hailey presented herself to the matron Mother Fredericka – a woman in her late 50’s with a severe look entered the room and greeted every newcomer there. Hailey was confused as to what she heard, the matron was the nicest person anyone has ever met. “Well looks can be deceptive”, she thought!

With just a smirk at the end of her lips, Mother Fredericka turned to Hailey and greeted her warmly into the family at St Agnes. “Welcome to my lovely child, I do hope you are well-treated and loved by everyone here. We want you to feel comfortable and be part of our daily prayers as from today”, she said. Hailey felt a pinch; it was the second time she had this. She tried to ignore it and responded with a nod to the matron.

The day at St Agnes started out as it always did. With the prayers and a “Thought of the Day” by Sister Margaret, the day set out to be one of the most eventful.

It was a deafening sound that woke up mostly everyone in the home! Hailey was a bit taken aback as she was not expecting that there would be a ruckus. Someone died during the night and no one was informed. The matron was called upon to handle the situation or the ‘loss of a special one’ as they called it here. Sister Margaret helped moving the corpse from the bed and placing it on the stretcher.

“Hailey, my dear, can you please clean the room after we leave,” requested Sister Margaret with a doubtful smile on her already panicked face. “Oh I sure will,” replied Hailey.

It was the first time that this situation cropped up in front of a newcomer. The other sisters were helping other patients to go back in their rooms.


For the first time ever, the police set foot in St Agnes and it was all because of Mr Reynolds. He was a convicted murderer who was sent to St Agnes for a special treatment that was available here only. Mother Fredericka seemed nervous as to the police’s presence. The sudden death of Mr Reynolds was questioned as the latter was healthy and he was going soon to be transferred to the county jail to finish his sentence.

Detective Lindsay and her partner Detective Paulson both were in the matron’s office. The atmosphere felt tensed and mostly because of what both detectives were asking the matron. Hailey walked past the office and overheard them arguing on someone who mysteriously died here! That’s it, now Mother Fredericka was caught in her own trap.


The day was going just like Hailey predicted!

Mysteriously Yours  (Part3)

A dark and starless night welcomed Hailey to St Agnes Home for Awesome  People. Built on the edge of the road it wasn’t to be missed because of its red and black bricked structure overlooking the sea. The cool sea breeze touched Hailey’s face as she bowed down to pick her luggage. Even though her bags were heavy, she knew it could not be heavier than the reason for which she travelled this far.


Walking down the alley, gravels crushing under her feet, she trod as slowly as possible. She was in no hurry to meet the inhabitants of the home, fearing what new secret would unfold during her stay. A fear that she could not let anyone know of, not even her best friend. A fear that would bring out so many truths and lies told all these years.

Reaching the covered porch, she pulled the rope, a loud bang was heard. The door opened, blurred by the well-lit room a voice welcomed Hailey inside. Sister Margaret, a middle-aged, well-built woman, had a large smile on her face as she helped Hailey taking her luggage inside.

The interior of St Agnes was no similar to what she was used to. A huge, well-maintained and wallpapered hall was the reception. Giving way to the stairs, iron steel balustrades with a hint of golden in the middle stood in front of large windows from which sunlight shone upon everyone in the reception. On each side of the stairs, two corridors all leading down to the patients’ rooms.

“Your room is on the ground floor next to mine”, said jovially Sister Rachel who was in her 30’s. Both sisters introduced Hailey to the different rules and parts of St Agnes, lastly she was led to her room where her luggage was already kept. As she was setting up her room, Hailey felt a pinch in her heart. It was suddenly overcame, she had to be strong and she will be! Taking her file “St Agnes-Dream or Nightmare” out, she was careful to lock the door just to protect her secret. She was determined to find out the truth.


“Happiness is no longer part of this hell now,” said an angry Hailey who was overlooking the garden that led to the matron’s cottage.

A Bit Late….

After a few years, they met again! She was sitting at her favourite table with a kid in a pram. The instant he saw her, he knew she was lost forever. He lost her forever now. She’s not coming back that’s for sure. He smiled at her and she looked at him quizzically. He was saddened and nothing could cheer him. That’s what he thought, until came a charming and gorgeous woman. 

She saw him coming into the restaurant. She knew she had to enact as if she didn’t see him. The baby was hungry and started crying. Oh no! He is looking here. She took out a hot bottle of milk. She fed the baby and handled the situation. She looked at him and thought he has lost weight. He is looking nice but not when he was chubby and full of love for her. He is smiling at her. What should she do. Shit! Instead of smiling, she looked at him like a confused person. Nevermind, he is taking his place now. Oh! He moved on. That woman is terrifically gorgeous. Whatever now, nothing can be undone! 
A well-groomed and elegant lady entered the restaurant and enquired about her. He heard her name. Her beautiful name. That lady walked to her and picked up the baby. She handed her some money and took the baby from there. How could she give up on her child? He thought. 

Seeing her gloomy and hurtful face, he stood up and stopped the lady from taking the child. The other lady at his table, shrieked and went off. He questioned the ‘baby-kidnapper’. 

He then turned to her and had a large smile on his face. She looked at confused and surprised by his behaviour. He came to her table and grabbed her hand and kissed it. 

He was happy to know that she was babysitting the lady’s daughter while she went to grab her favourite toy from the car. 
They both laughed at the thought and looked each other in the eyes and kissed passionately. They both knew they would have each other’s back till the end of time. 
They were never late enough, they were just a BIT LATE!